What’s all the fuss about

04 Aug

I’m on a posting frenzy, but before I sign off for the evening, I feel I must discuss first words that form the title of my blog.  Coffee Beans.  Be still my heart.  I love, deeply appreciate and get ridiculously excited over coffee.  The relationship with this particular bean began at my dear Grandma’s kitchen table in her farmhouse when I was still in single digits.  She made Folgers, poured it in a small mug sporting the name of a seed company, and filled the rest of the mug with milk.  Something about the taste hooked me and has kept me ever since.  My love for coffee has landed me a job at a coffee shop throughout high school, and has led me to spend generous amounts of each paycheck on the beverage to this day…don’t get me wrong.  I’m not ridiculous about it.  I have boundaries…thanks to my husband.

There’s something about a cup of coffee. Coffee brings a host of memories.  Most meetings with friends and family are around a cup of coffee.  It’s special and it’s a gift.

My personal favorite coffee is Starbucks.  It’s one part of the city I’ve retrained after moving to the farm.  Thank goodness, my husband has gained a appreciation for the brand, albeit small compared to mine.  I love me a venti, skinny, no whip, decaf, iced white mocha whenever time allows.  BUT, I am experimenting with ways to DIY my drink of choice at home, considering that we are still in a recession and each trip to starbucks heaven costs me at least $4.60.  I am grateful for my fellow blogger and farm woman (link to come) who has offered a recipe that will hopefully satisfy my palate.  I have yet to try it, and will update you as soon as possible.  What is your coffee of choice?  Maybe I’m a little to obsessed.  Post freely here.  Until later, mugs up.


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