Grace, Post 1

05 Aug

Grace is the faith theme of my life, and this is sure to be merely the first of many posts to touch on it.  God granted me a beautiful gift today.  One of my largest struggles in life is how to measure and accurately weigh my emotions and feelings and their influence on how I should and do live.  Until the last year or so, I truly and naively believed that once I felt something, it was true and of utmost value and importance.  Be it joy, fear, sadness, discontent, or any other emotion or feeling.  I am a musician, and we tend to have the reputation of being moody, but God is gradually, in his gentle, way revealing a different way to me.  A cloud was trying to settle itself over my soul today, and by the GRACE of God, the cloud moved on, prompted by an unearthly wind filled with my Savior’s voice.  The voice described the blessings before and the joy that is always alive and present in my life merely because Jesus shares my life.  I love it when I know my Savior has intervened and completely turned my circumstances, as small as they are, into utter bliss.  Praise to His name.  Life truly is beautiful because of Him.  Because of Grace, which is of course not the freedom to sit by and be affected by life, but the power to excel.


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