I haven’t forgotten YOU!

29 Aug

Hello everyone,

I have been appallingly slackish (I know that’s not a word…tough) about writing…School just started last week, so I’ve been a bit preoccupied…and unfortunately, my camera is out of commission at the moment.  BUT I will give a more lengthy update soon on the follow “major” events of my lovely farm life.  Here’s the summary:

1. Worship with some amazing people and a new service starting soon.  God is good!

2. Me beginning to harvest my vegetable and attempting to preserve them.

3. Getting 3 new barn cats

4.  Our beloved dog Duke capturing and taking the life of one said barn cat.

5.  Duke getting sprayed by a skunk (divine retribution…possibly)

6. More cooking adventures

8.  My increasing appreciation of Western movies…and so much more.


My studly farmer and I are preparing to have a houseful this week (LOVE IT!), so it may take some time…but stay tuned.

God’s peace,



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