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Cleaning out the camera

Here are a few pictures to catch you up on the last few months.  Many memorable moments.


We spent our first anniversary in Disneyland!  It has been the best year of my life.  I love you, G!


Ruby’s Diner!  I love this place so much.  Huntington Beach, CA will always have a piece of my heart!

My parents and us at Santa Monica Pier.  I am indebted to these two for their love, wisdom, and support.

My In-laws!  I love them dearly and am daily amazed by their kindness, generosity, joy and love.  No, I’m not brown-nosing.  My family is fantastic, and I am grateful!

The sunroom


I love this room in our house.  It was so fun to decorate it for Christmas this year.


Hopefully this makes up in part for my absence these many months.  Stay tuned!


Welcome to 2012

I may be a little late, almost two and a half months late.  This little farmer’s wife has had her world rocked since the last entry…and all for the good.

1.  I now have a beautiful new camera that is not broken with which to fill our blog with pictures!  Yay Nikkon!

2.  We will finally be home for a while from many travels which will hopefully allow for more consistent blogging.

3.  Our family will have a new member this coming August!  We are expecting our first baby in August!  Praise the Lord!  So excited!


Stay tuned and enjoy this unusually warm winter.



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