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Cleaning out the camera

Here are a few pictures to catch you up on the last few months.  Many memorable moments.


We spent our first anniversary in Disneyland!  It has been the best year of my life.  I love you, G!


Ruby’s Diner!  I love this place so much.  Huntington Beach, CA will always have a piece of my heart!

My parents and us at Santa Monica Pier.  I am indebted to these two for their love, wisdom, and support.

My In-laws!  I love them dearly and am daily amazed by their kindness, generosity, joy and love.  No, I’m not brown-nosing.  My family is fantastic, and I am grateful!

The sunroom


I love this room in our house.  It was so fun to decorate it for Christmas this year.


Hopefully this makes up in part for my absence these many months.  Stay tuned!


Welcome to 2012

I may be a little late, almost two and a half months late.  This little farmer’s wife has had her world rocked since the last entry…and all for the good.

1.  I now have a beautiful new camera that is not broken with which to fill our blog with pictures!  Yay Nikkon!

2.  We will finally be home for a while from many travels which will hopefully allow for more consistent blogging.

3.  Our family will have a new member this coming August!  We are expecting our first baby in August!  Praise the Lord!  So excited!


Stay tuned and enjoy this unusually warm winter.



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Hello Blog Friends!

Wow, these weeks fly by.  Recently life has been consumed by so many happenings.

1. Work- I’m a music teacher and our school recently celebrated homecoming.  Another post on this later.

2. Fall- Harvest is almost here which means my time with my husband will consist of many “tractor dates”

3. Church- Singing (and playing piano) with the Turner County Praise Band (founded 2011). YES!!! I love love love worshipping with these people!  Another post to come on this.

4. Book Club- I meet with wonderful sweet women from around here and we go out to eat and discuss books and laugh A LOT!

5.  Reading other blogs- I’ll have to post more on this too.  There are so many wonderful things out there!  I feel like I have kindred spirits (thanks, Anne Shirley) all over the country!  So fun.

6.  Cooking- Chocolate Chip Cookies (for my man and his working friends), pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, pies for the church’s soup night, and more cookies.  And then there is the apple tree that I discovered in my front yard.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  But if you want to hear more, stay tuned.  Fall Blessings on you all!



I haven’t forgotten YOU!

Hello everyone,

I have been appallingly slackish (I know that’s not a word…tough) about writing…School just started last week, so I’ve been a bit preoccupied…and unfortunately, my camera is out of commission at the moment.  BUT I will give a more lengthy update soon on the follow “major” events of my lovely farm life.  Here’s the summary:

1. Worship with some amazing people and a new service starting soon.  God is good!

2. Me beginning to harvest my vegetable and attempting to preserve them.

3. Getting 3 new barn cats

4.  Our beloved dog Duke capturing and taking the life of one said barn cat.

5.  Duke getting sprayed by a skunk (divine retribution…possibly)

6. More cooking adventures

8.  My increasing appreciation of Western movies…and so much more.


My studly farmer and I are preparing to have a houseful this week (LOVE IT!), so it may take some time…but stay tuned.

God’s peace,



There and gone again.

Well friends,
It’s been a fast few days. I just got back from an incredible vacation with my dear family back “home,” and am about to leave my home, the farm for a visit with a dear friend in another part of the country! YES! I must say that it has been an incredible few days.

I had the honor of participating in a worship rehearsal with some dear friends (new and old) at church. We are launching this fall a community worship experience and your prayers would be much appreciated.

In other news, I have the first fruits of my labor. Or in laymans’s terms, my garden has yielded vegetables and fruits. This is a funny story because first of all, I have some lovely romas (I will add a picture to shortly) that are rather small, but red. I tasted one that my sister picked while I was gone and honestly…it was disgusting! Yuck…kind of tasted like puke. Sorry for that brutal description, but it did. A day later I got the gumption up to try a different one, and that was quite good.
Are you ready for a funny story. At least funny to me…? Good. I pulled up my onions, in my naivety thinking they were done. They were done, if you like onions that are an inch to two in diameter. Bah humbug! I didn’t know that the green spiky things that stick out of the soil can start to turn brown and that that it ok. Oh well. More tomatoes are coming and I am psyched. And ps, my cucumbers are HUGE! More like squash size than cucumber size. No they aren’t squashes…I’m not that dumb…I think.

Anyway, I will do my best to get pictures. Things are crazy around here. As usual, I appreciate all of you who read these crazy posts of mine. May God bless each of you and grant you moments of peace amidst the business.



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My man

Before signing off for the evening, I must post once more due to being inspired by two sources:

1. a picture taken by my fabulously talented sister, who is available for hire

2. a skype conversation with my husband.

Some background.  I am a newlywed…7.5 months and a little more newlywed.  Due to the nature of our lives, my husband and I spend most of our time together.  He is my best friend and the love of my life.  I’ve been away from him for a measly day and a half and I skyped him.  Yep.  I can hear your collective groans…don’t think I can’t.  Anyways.  He’s quite the guy and I am so grateful for Him.  What drew me to my husband was how he saw me, and did so from the moment he met me.  He’s always had love in his eyes, even if he didn’t know it at first.  His eyes communicated value to me, and a sincerity and honesty that is rare and priceless.  I love you G.  Thank you for loving me.  More on this later.  


Our Farm…coming soon.

To my wonderful readers, I’m hoping to get some pictures (updated!) of our lovely farm soon. The corn is high (on a positive note) but my grass is very near dead (on the negative end). But alas, the pictures will come. Can’t wait for your feedback.