My man

Before signing off for the evening, I must post once more due to being inspired by two sources:

1. a picture taken by my fabulously talented sister, who is available for hire

2. a skype conversation with my husband.

Some background.  I am a newlywed…7.5 months and a little more newlywed.  Due to the nature of our lives, my husband and I spend most of our time together.  He is my best friend and the love of my life.  I’ve been away from him for a measly day and a half and I skyped him.  Yep.  I can hear your collective groans…don’t think I can’t.  Anyways.  He’s quite the guy and I am so grateful for Him.  What drew me to my husband was how he saw me, and did so from the moment he met me.  He’s always had love in his eyes, even if he didn’t know it at first.  His eyes communicated value to me, and a sincerity and honesty that is rare and priceless.  I love you G.  Thank you for loving me.  More on this later.  


Our Farm…coming soon.

To my wonderful readers, I’m hoping to get some pictures (updated!) of our lovely farm soon. The corn is high (on a positive note) but my grass is very near dead (on the negative end). But alas, the pictures will come. Can’t wait for your feedback.



Grace, Post 1

Grace is the faith theme of my life, and this is sure to be merely the first of many posts to touch on it.  God granted me a beautiful gift today.  One of my largest struggles in life is how to measure and accurately weigh my emotions and feelings and their influence on how I should and do live.  Until the last year or so, I truly and naively believed that once I felt something, it was true and of utmost value and importance.  Be it joy, fear, sadness, discontent, or any other emotion or feeling.  I am a musician, and we tend to have the reputation of being moody, but God is gradually, in his gentle, way revealing a different way to me.  A cloud was trying to settle itself over my soul today, and by the GRACE of God, the cloud moved on, prompted by an unearthly wind filled with my Savior’s voice.  The voice described the blessings before and the joy that is always alive and present in my life merely because Jesus shares my life.  I love it when I know my Savior has intervened and completely turned my circumstances, as small as they are, into utter bliss.  Praise to His name.  Life truly is beautiful because of Him.  Because of Grace, which is of course not the freedom to sit by and be affected by life, but the power to excel.


It’s all beans to me.

My life is centered on beans and seeds.  Beans keep me sane, fed (physically and spiritually), and happy.  When all the beans add up, they create something.  Each bean is significant and and each bean contributes to my whole.  Take one away and it makes a difference.  I want to value each bean aka moment/blessing/experience the Lord gives.  When I write things down, I remember them and thereby value them more deeply.  I hope to find some friends along the way as I take time to value my seeds and beans and I hope you will find enjoyment in the beans and seeds to come.




What’s all the fuss about

I’m on a posting frenzy, but before I sign off for the evening, I feel I must discuss first words that form the title of my blog.  Coffee Beans.  Be still my heart.  I love, deeply appreciate and get ridiculously excited over coffee.  The relationship with this particular bean began at my dear Grandma’s kitchen table in her farmhouse when I was still in single digits.  She made Folgers, poured it in a small mug sporting the name of a seed company, and filled the rest of the mug with milk.  Something about the taste hooked me and has kept me ever since.  My love for coffee has landed me a job at a coffee shop throughout high school, and has led me to spend generous amounts of each paycheck on the beverage to this day…don’t get me wrong.  I’m not ridiculous about it.  I have boundaries…thanks to my husband.

There’s something about a cup of coffee. Coffee brings a host of memories.  Most meetings with friends and family are around a cup of coffee.  It’s special and it’s a gift.

My personal favorite coffee is Starbucks.  It’s one part of the city I’ve retrained after moving to the farm.  Thank goodness, my husband has gained a appreciation for the brand, albeit small compared to mine.  I love me a venti, skinny, no whip, decaf, iced white mocha whenever time allows.  BUT, I am experimenting with ways to DIY my drink of choice at home, considering that we are still in a recession and each trip to starbucks heaven costs me at least $4.60.  I am grateful for my fellow blogger and farm woman (link to come) who has offered a recipe that will hopefully satisfy my palate.  I have yet to try it, and will update you as soon as possible.  What is your coffee of choice?  Maybe I’m a little to obsessed.  Post freely here.  Until later, mugs up.


My Mom’s Salsa

So, like many women…no, most women.  I am sincerely on an attempt to become a more healthy person.  Due to many factors, I am not my favorite size, but now it’s time to change.  I will update on my saga to arrive at a healthier self and will hopefully arrive at victory.

A key to healthy life is healthy food, and for my first post in this sacred, er. most special part of my blog I wish to pay homage to my mom’s homemade salsa.  While the recipe is not an original, it has her modifications.  I was hoping to take a picture of the luscious blend to roma tomatoes, cilantro, lemon, garlic, jalapeno, and other declious ingredients, but alas, there isn’t any left.  I’m new at this blogging thing…so I apologize, readers.  Do you have a favorite salsa that you make?  Post freely!