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There and gone again.

Well friends,
It’s been a fast few days. I just got back from an incredible vacation with my dear family back “home,” and am about to leave my home, the farm for a visit with a dear friend in another part of the country! YES! I must say that it has been an incredible few days.

I had the honor of participating in a worship rehearsal with some dear friends (new and old) at church. We are launching this fall a community worship experience and your prayers would be much appreciated.

In other news, I have the first fruits of my labor. Or in laymans’s terms, my garden has yielded vegetables and fruits. This is a funny story because first of all, I have some lovely romas (I will add a picture to shortly) that are rather small, but red. I tasted one that my sister picked while I was gone and honestly…it was disgusting! Yuck…kind of tasted like puke. Sorry for that brutal description, but it did. A day later I got the gumption up to try a different one, and that was quite good.
Are you ready for a funny story. At least funny to me…? Good. I pulled up my onions, in my naivety thinking they were done. They were done, if you like onions that are an inch to two in diameter. Bah humbug! I didn’t know that the green spiky things that stick out of the soil can start to turn brown and that that it ok. Oh well. More tomatoes are coming and I am psyched. And ps, my cucumbers are HUGE! More like squash size than cucumber size. No they aren’t squashes…I’m not that dumb…I think.

Anyway, I will do my best to get pictures. Things are crazy around here. As usual, I appreciate all of you who read these crazy posts of mine. May God bless each of you and grant you moments of peace amidst the business.



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Our Farm…coming soon.

To my wonderful readers, I’m hoping to get some pictures (updated!) of our lovely farm soon. The corn is high (on a positive note) but my grass is very near dead (on the negative end). But alas, the pictures will come. Can’t wait for your feedback.